Tuesday, September 18, 2007

hungerrr and lots of whistle-blowing.

i realised i haven't blogged about the 30 hour famine.

so anyway, at 8.30ish on saturday morning, wengyee, mother and sister plus melissa came to fetch me to la bodega for breakfast before we starved ourselves insane. after yummy breakfast we traveled across malaysian highways to stadium bukit jalil. to join 5000+ other crazy charitable people in their stand to eradicate hunger and poverty around the world. i had this feeling part of them were there to see nicholas teo aka zhang dong liang and fish leong in concert.

so anyway, we waited around for puiyi dear - who's second to aleena in the art of never showing up on time. when she got there we registered and stuff and got put into group 6. turned out this guy who was in my french class was there too. he had stopped french for some inexplicable reason. ohwell. ohohohoh. our group leader jude sounded like willy wonkaaaa. =) it's was like damnn cool. haha.

so we make our way into the main hall or something? where cheer07 was held. and we all sat on the hard floor till about 6? i don't remember. but i remember my butt being very very very sore. there was activities and performances and stuff. interestingly, i didn't feel hungry like at all. cool right. =) puiyi kept talking about food though. that's the puiyi way. hahaha.

people waiting in anticipation to starve.

it's TIME.

we played some game with reaaallly HUUGE balloons. they were coool. =) oh and this last picture. hahaha. everyone think nat. =P

the effects of boredom.

okay, so one of the activities was to build a house/shelter for 5 people using scrap material around us. we used newspaper, waterbottles, string and LOADS of tape.

welcome to the showcase of houses for the needy. this house, despite it's misleading paper exterior, is actually very interesting. for instance, if you were to be bored one day, all you had to do was look at your house and you would become less bored. also, it is very low to the ground and therefore has a lowerd centre of balance. thus making this a very stable house. one would never need to worry about one's house collapsing first in an earthquake. besides, if your house does collapse on you; if it is this house, you would be very safe indeed because the roof is all paper.

and now for the interior. it is actually very cozy and homey despite the fact that it is a paper house. this house is going at the price of absolutely nothing, while stocks last. perfect for families of 5 small people. not good for humid climate and rainy days. =P

they called it hope for children. i wanted to protest, it's soooo... but well. puiyi came up with a better name; sanctuary. but they already wrote the hope for children on already. so yeah.

the skillful team of builders. haha.

anyway, at night was the concert. ummm. zhang dong liang, fish leong, juwita suwito, daniel lee and some other people i've never heard of.

like barely a quarter of the people there.

that's just half.

zhang dong liang.

daniel lee.

we slept in sleeping bags on the hard hard floor. many many people. ohh the lack of PRIVACY. and we were like playing cards right. and people kept going 'ooohhh gambling. confiscate confiscate.' you know in that chinese-y way. =/ i read. and played cards too. well, don't blame meee. i can't resissssttt. puiyi and melissa bought stuff to STUDY. seriouslyyyy. geez.

melissa brought a comforter. haha.

this wasn't so bad. MORE people came after a while.

there you go.

cards. boredom busters.

puiyi's physics. miss hoo would be so proud. haha.

melissa's chemistry notes. mr yow would probably just expect it.

the age of five. book two. oh yeahhh.

we woke up at 6.30 the next day. seriously. eventhough we like slept late and everything. it was the noise. had 'morning exercise' it was 'yoga'. hahaha. i couldn't be bothered. yaddayaddayadda.

time to break fast. ohmygod. banana cake never tasted so good. i didn't dare touch the green thing. the soyabean was rather... uhhh. sickeningly sweet.

we practically traversed the entire compound of bukit jalil to find wengyee's mother's car. but well i'm not complaining. we got big apple doughnuts. =D i did throw up when i got home though. twas the soyabean. i'm guessing.

okay so monday passed. then came tuesday.

we had that football match. wordsworth vs. columbus. we imported to columbus. we won 2-nil. =) i figure me, puiyi, aleena and melissa weren't as bad as we thought. puiyi was actually reeeeealllllly good. haha. and we have kenneth to thank. he coached us on monday. thankyou kenneth. =) the ball seemed to like whacking into me. =/ no comment. hahaha. i pity poor ilham. we probably made it really hard for him to referee. with all the crowding and stuff. oh welll.

this seems to be a really looong post. hmmm.


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