Friday, August 24, 2007


went to jeannie's birthday yesterday at splash in westin. stressed quite alot about what to wear before that cause the dress code was like formal. ended up wearing a dress. this brown dress i got from aussieland like 2 years ago? or was it last year.

anyway, so i got to puiyi's house at about 5-ish and we left for westin. got there about 6 and waited for like half an hour for melissa to arrive cause she had our present and puiyi didn't want to walk in without a present. we get to splash and everyone is still like being thrown into the pool. and we're like the ONLY people in formal wear. =/ melissa totally blew up. that was quite strange cause you know melissa is very passive. she storms off somewhere and when me and puiyi find her again she's downstairs sipping a mocha frappacino from starbucks. seriously.

so like after all the drama we sit and eat. well i couldn't thanks to my separators but the rest of them did. thank god for mushroom soup or i'd have starved. a little into the party we played that you know stand on a sheet of newspaper and fold and fold and fold until you can stay on it anymore game. me and puiyi were like totally zen. =D didn't make it towards the end though. oh well. it was quite hilarious. then everybody was to dance but there was no good music on radio.

so, very genius elise and puiyi went to buy cds from starhill. after like some time they come running back, high heels and all. apparently some rempit tried to touch puiyi's ass. hahahahaha. hilarious. well i guess not really for elise and puiyi, but all of us laughed anyway.

puiyi bought a sprite after the bill closed which cost 13.80. just thought i'd like to mention it. i mean like 13.80. seriously. one can is like what 1 buck something at the most? and she didn't even finish it. we had to like go.

got home at 12 i think, after i got picked up from puiyi's. no pictures. i didn't bring my camera. my bag was way too small. haha.

i feel quite hardworking today. i woke up and like did addmath. =D yesyesyes. i had lunch just now, porridge. well cause you know, i can't bite. and my genius maid terspilled some sesame oil on me. now i smell like sesame. rather disconcerting. well.

i don't know whether to go to melissa's dad's birthday thing tonight or to jazz fest.


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