Monday, August 06, 2007

holiday in the middle of nowhere.

well. pd was fun. not to mention tiring. we had this what happened in pd stays in pd sort of thing on the bus, so i really can't tell you much so yeah. left school at 4 cause of the myschoolrocks people. buuus rideee. reached there and checked out the dorms. dinner was like barbeque. had drinks and then swam. played water polo. after a while the guys started like tackling you for the ball so yeahh. it was fun though. slept quite late. a few people got pissed. that was some sort of entertainment. but then when you're high, everything is kinda funny.

me, puiyi and melissa woke up like at 7 the next day to go to the beach. where we were rather jobless and stared at the never ending ocean and stuck our toesies in the dirty sand. i got a rash from the sea water. =/ had breakfast which took like 40 minutes to arrive and then we played basketball. and i can't really remember much what we did. it was very sort of passive, like do whatever you want kinda thing. oh right. we played beach volleyball and swam abit.

aleena's band thing was at night. after that we sorta drank some and then we watched disturbia. and we were all excited and all when melissa's dvd like stopped working. argh the frustration. ended up watching black snake moan. which was okay. though i fell asleep in the middle and didn't really know what was happening. haha.

we decided to stay up all night. we being trixie, azuri, jon and melissa. and keefe too i think. but he went to sleep earlier. we ended up sleeping at 5.30 on majority agreement. and me just cause i didn't want to sit outside alone until morning. well, i woke up at like 7-ish. and stoned until 9.30. i seriously just like sat outside our dorm and stared at the wall with my mp3 until someone came out. well i also walked around the go-kart track a couple of times.

i'm skipping some details about go-karting and puiyi's hilarious driving... bus ride home. slept most of the way. got home. mummy picked me up and i gladly went home to sleep. aaaaaah. i realise that i didn't really take many pictures on the trip. hmm. oh well.

got to school like after pe today. and i find out that they ran 1500m. i am so disappointed. well not really. i was quite happy sleeping. haha. i find a spider in my locker. and one by my desk during break. i was rather perplexed by the appearance of these spiders. until i find out that it was the scheming of jia, shuhui, amanda and ch'n-wen. thanks you guys. =)


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