Friday, August 31, 2007


well so it's merdeka today. i woke up early. like REALLY early. like 6.30. haha. for some unknown reason. and i slept at like 4-ish last night. and at 6.31 or so. i get a "prank" call from azuri. and whoever was sleeping over at his house. ujin, charles and edric. i think. =/ it was quite funny really. cause at some point ujin said i want dimsum. hahaha.

had addmath tuition in the morning and then went to ou. with my mummy. =) i bought this top from zara. yay. melissa came and then we went 'window shopping' which wasn't really since we both bought stuff. haha. met up with azuri, ujin, charles, edric and russell. walked around completely aimlessly.

that was like the only highlight of my day basically.



Vamp said...

Why didn't you expect to go?

Worried about the crowd?


trixie, said...

cause i didn't actually know jeannie then. haha.