Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Loserrrr. :)

'Tis Wuiyang's birthday today.
Some loser is legal now.

Haha. Bless, we had a Chemistry stage test and he had another Math one. And he'd gotten little sleep so was suffering from a headache. Best birthday proper. Poor dude.

But today was the longest day everrr. :( I had little sleep too and was dozing off in all my classes. Which is sadly noticeable as the class size is minuscule.

All in all, nothing much ever happens. :/ Highlight of the day was some Chinese people coming in and taking pictures of the Chinese people in our class during Chemistry. Twas soooo strange. :/

Hmmmm. Oh, well. Nothing else to elaborate on. We're the most interesting crowd ever. I swear.


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