Sunday, July 20, 2008

my baby's back!

OH FINALLY. my camera's fixedddd. =D ohmygod. you have no idea how horrible it is not to have a camera. well... okay, i take that back. i'm sure billions of poor people around the world don't have a camera.. heh.

imma put an end to this dry picture spell on my blog. hee. =)

yeap. i went to..

bubba gump.
for lunch.

i love the decor there. =)

"it's funny how things work out."

"mama always says there's an awful lot you tell about a person by their shoes."

the food wasn't that great actually. the one in the states is definitely better. their scampi was so sour. =/

alot you can do with a fork. hahahah.


iceeeeee, iice baby. =P

saw this at guardian and decided to try it. even though it was like almost six bucks. =/ hell right.

not bad actually. the sweet. not worth the six bucks though. how odd. 66% fruit juice. there was a blueberry flavoured one. exactly how much juice can one get from a blueberry?

alright. off to studyyyy. =)


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