Saturday, July 26, 2008

all these lives.

daughtry is tonightttt. =(

omg. i wish i didn't turn down those tickets.

but it's SO CLOSE to trials.
like omg.

and what's worse was that i was JUST at ou. for dinner.

and i stood outside A|X for like 10 minutes like some sadcase loser with alot of other sadcase losers watching the concert from the huge screen. but that was like 9ish. and they hadn't even come out yet.

on another happier note,

i got my early birthday present from the mother today. =D heeeeeee.


and omg. isn't this thing like the cutest thing you've ever seen?

eee. so cuute! it's kinda looks like an atom.. uh. Fe²⁺ cause it's GREEN.


well, actually. kinda like a pathogen of some sort like a virus or bacteria. =/
sighh. the perils of being a science student.

okay. okay. it's still like so OMGFREAKINGCUTE!

and what does it dooo?

heee. =D

another year; nothing's changed.


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