Wednesday, March 12, 2008


so yeah. we had a surprise party for our monyet. =) the mastermind boyfriend planned most of it. awwww, right? hahaha.

so, at greg's place.
sunday, 9th march.
3-ish till whenever.

ohmygod. haha. i like got lost twice on the way to his house. ISH. first people to arrive was like me, mel, puiyi, melissa. the ib guys - paul, andrew and eugene - apparently drove our beanbag so they came in for a while but they left before aleena came. we spent a good half hour or so blowing balloons. which was like IMPOSSIBLE because they were so hard to blow. trust puiyi to get the balloons and this happens. hahaha. =)

lookie. melissa's got her cheer face on. haha.

the bean bag we got for aleena.

so mel got bored and started messing with aleena's hair.

style #1.

style #2.

ish. i'll just let the pictures do the talking. since, we didn't really do much; eat, gossip, talk, play [hide&seek and xbox. HAHA.], watched boogeyman. DUMBEST horror flick everrrr. hahaha.


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