Thursday, March 20, 2008

funny thing.

something extremely interesting happened today.

a pair of monkeys broke into my house, raided the fruit bowl and ate all my bananas.
i kid you not. seriously.

so the story goes something like this:
i was confined to my bedroom all day being a good girl and finishing all my moral work when i hear some screaming downstairs. "what the?" i take my time to open the door and my maid runs up the stairs shrieking something incoherent. after much gesturing and little articulation (don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with her english. probably just cause she was traumatised by the pair of primates that were happily sitting on our dining table enjoying our bananas.), i get out of her that monkeys ate our fruits.

i take a minute to stop laughing before i realise she was actually serious. so then i run down to check the scene out. but alas, the monkeys were gone. oh well. now my mother doesn't dare eat the remaining fruits for fear of rabies or ebola or some other animal related disease. heh. =/


paramount perils.
okay that was lame. but i wanted the double P's. =P

tuesday - band / culinary / public speaking / debate.
wednesday -
friday -

all of which severely lack preparation. good god.


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