Wednesday, February 13, 2008

love is for fools.

you know how i manage to come up with a post every festive season or holiday to wish everyone?
happy new year, merry christmas, happy birthdays, etc.

i'm not going to wish everyone a happy valentine's day. because i believe it's a pointless holiday and shouldn't even be considered a holiday. i know to all those couples out there it's a brilliant way to show each other how much you love each other. pfft. and to every other places that sells flowers, soft toys, chocolates, the sorts; it's the perfect time to increase prices and reap benefit from all the lovestruck fools out there. good on you people.

on this AMAZING 'holiday', i'll be embracing my sejarah and math class test which i have a very slim chance of scoring high marks on - much to my chagrin. and i am fully aware that i should be cramming instead of expressing my disagreeable thoughts to the world wide web. but after seeing the 1,000,000,001 valentine's messages spread out over the internet(yeah so what if i'm exaggerating), i've decided to burst people's bubbles.

on a less disdainful note, tomorrow is totally single awareness day. =)

for everyone who's managed to escape the grasps of this imaginary pit of sinking sand known as love, congratulations.

coming from a person who doesn't believe in love; you could only expect as much.


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