Thursday, December 27, 2007

pretty vegas.

3 days.

we reached vegas after a 5 hour drive. it was about night. and we went to see all the hotels before we finally got back to ours. first was mgm grand. i remember staying there the first time i went to the states. i was 8. =)
we went to see the lions. which so coincidentally happened to be sleeping nicely. =/

this is a shot of new york new york. i think that's the name of the hotel. =/

lion habitat.

*snore*snore* =/

we could only wish. =(
but right. on the free day, before we left, marcus and i went to the slot machines. well he played. i just pulled the thing a few times. no point wasting money on something you know you can't win right.

then we went for dinner at this thai/chinese restaurant called kungfu. haha. yes. let's just say, all the food for the entire trip - the one's we didn't buy ourselves, was complete shit. yes. sighh. after kungfu, we went to downtown vegas to fremont street (yes nat, it's fremont street.). watched this light show on the ceiling. it was quite cool i guess.

you might not really be able to see since i couldn't be bothered to edit them pictures. but it says SATAY : malaysian grille. and you thought they didn't know where we were. psssht.

"everybody was kung fu fighting..."

this is the plaza, at fremont street.

and presentinggg.. the light show thing thing.

we saw this on the way down from mgm. i wanted to go so bad. =(

but no. free day was all shopping. well, i'm not complaing... haha.

we went back to the strip and went to caesar palace to watch this atlantis show thing with the moving statues and SURPRISINGLY, i remember it all from when i was a kid. like you know, just seeing the place brought back memorieesss. =)

squint. i don't care. i'm lazy. it's a dude with fire by the way. =P

i forgot all their names already. but it was about two siblings fighting over the throne of atlantis. =/

oooooh. fire. =D

i saw this at marciano. omg. soooo purrrty.

the sky : real or not? cool no?

"all i want for christmas is... you a humongous stuffed dragon that costs about 500 dollarrsss..." =P

paris hotel.

lalala. musical fountains at the bellagio.

volcano thingie thing at the mirage.

circus sweet circus. haha.

i'm so lame. =)

we didn't get to explore our hotel until the next day after hoover damn and grand canyon.

i'm really lazy to say what actually happened. go read nat's blog for detail. i'm just posting my pictures. YES la. i'm lazy. so whaaaat.


there weren't any. just for the record.

that's hoover dam for you. =)
omg. i'm becoming a nat. taking pictures of weird unnecessary things all the time. not to mention the sick twisted thinking part too. =/


i wish i could say that was me. it'd make a very good photo. but not it isn't. miss wong joyi. =)

would you believe this was a candid shot. i was taking the stairway when she happened to turn around.

i think our boat driver was quite hot. =P

the sky was like SO blue and cloudless. purrttyy. =)

it would've been a totally awesome picture had he not been standing there. but well. he's not bad to look at either. so yeah well. hahah.

i got to sit infront on the way back cause they found out joyi wasn't old enough. teehee.

our heli man was listening to the way you move. =/ hahaha.

ohmygod. i like took SO many pictures of the moon while i was there.
well you could like see it in the damn afternoon. it was soooo pretty. =)
if you look closely it's a crescent now.

eagle point. can you spot the eagle?

he was like a shuffling red-indian dude. so THAT'S where they got the idea of shuffling africans for black and white...

we had dinner at some chinese buffet place. they had fortune cookies!
i don't remember what mine said.

our hotel was pretty cool actually. yeah it was old and everything. but it had it's own casino (of course). it's own arcade! and funfair! and circus! and krispy kremes!

it's a fling a chicken into a pan game. =/ harder than it seems.

air hockey!

this woman here kept winning money on the huge slot machine.

haha. be jealous tricia. be jealous. =P

i didn't get any though.

the next day was a free day. so we went to the coke and mNm place. which was like awesomely cool. two floors completely of coke merchandise and four floors of mNm's. that's right. =/ we didn't have enough time. =( cause we still wanted to go shopping at the premium outlets.

omg! penguins holding coke bottles!

sooo cuute. i didn't get one. expensive laaa. =(

i can imagine puiyi standing there and just staring. well if she came with me la. she'd be like "ohhhmyygodd. an ENTIRE wall of mNm's."

haha. now presenting : the bus escapades.
no pictures because i was FREEZING in my shorts. i nearly died.

okay so first, we took the bus outside the mNm and coke place. it was going ---> this way. so on the bus, we were quite lost right. cause you know, we don't live there. so one of the mothers asked for directions. and this seemingly nice black dude said. oh get off at wynn hotel, cross the road and take the bus there.

so, being quite naive and blur, we followed the guy's advice. and got out of the really nice heated bus onto the cold-freezing-wind-blowing-like-crazy-at-my-stocking-clad-legs street. and saw a bus just stop at the bus stop opposite as we got down. then we TOTALLY jaywalked cause we really didn't know how to cross streets american-style. [at the zebra-crossing.] dumb dumb dumb. we ran like idiots across the sort of highway and got honked at like crazy. and before we reached the bus stop, the bus had left. juuuust great. but WAIT there's more.

while waiting for the next bus, even though she was freezing nearly to death, trixie observed that the bus we took previously was going ---> this way. but then we got off and crossed the road to take a bus going <--- in the opposite direction? then everyone was like ohmygod, yeahhh. waited like 7 minutes for the next bus and enquired how to get to the outlets. he says, "oh you're on the wrong side of the road. go across and take the buss from there." =/ yes. indeed. so we planned to jaywalk AGAIN. but we walked infront of the bus and he like PA system-ed us on the bus' loudspeakers. "don't cross the road like THAT. take the zebra crossing at the traffic light ahead." it was so loud. i think people in a 3 mile radius heard. they must've thought we were so dumb. =( everybody went OHHHH. seriously. =/ at the traffic lights we must've seemed like such loser tourists.

"oh go now! go!"
"no mother, wait. not yet."
"okay now. now."
"waaait. .... okay now."

SIGHHHH. when we got on the right bus going ---> this way again. everything was about okay from there. shopped till really late, got two new luggage bags from samsonite to compensate for our increased baggage. so we took a cab home. thankgod. however, cab ride = 11 dollars = 39 ringgit. =/ daaaaamnnn.

little kid. fagging. playing with a nintendo ds.
naah. it was a sweet. haha.

that night the parents went to gamble. i was SO itching for a drink. but yes. i refrained. had a nice looonngg shower and watched southpark instead. =) aaand back to LA the next day.

"And secret thoughts we said out loud.
We watched the faces in the clouds,
Until the clouds have blown away,
And were we ever somewhere else, you know
It's hard to say."
-Shawn Colvin, Never Saw Blue Like That.


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