Sunday, November 11, 2007

shoe you.

jobo's party was fun. really. we had some confusion to get there. charles was supposed to take me then he couldn't so i ended taking him. but then when my mother came he wanted to go mamak with paul and others. so then he became 'all brave' and told my mother that she didn't need to fetch him. apparently my mother scares him. so funny.

i'm sure after nat's blog and everything, i don't need to elaborate further about the party. so yeah. lazy me.

jobo's sour worm cake.

russell stole an 'R' from the happy birthday on the cake.

funny story behind this.
we (azuri, me, wuiyang, jon .. and maybe more people) stole aleena's and melissa's shoes. and hid them in various places. puiyi took melissa's phone. and so when we got tired of running around, and melissa had gone inside to merajuk, we hung them on the tree thing. haha.

i know i'm seriously late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOBO. =) eventhough i already wished him that day.


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