Thursday, October 18, 2007

sweet revenge.

they always say revenge is a dish best served cold. =)
like dessert.

orang sesat; toiletbowl; jessie lessie; madwoman;
caught on camera'

this is jessie.

then jessie was gone. *gasp*
she couldn't sit still for like five minutes. kept moving around. haha.

jessie thinking. didn't know she could do that. haha. kidding la. =P

jessie eating papayas. with fork in mouth. haha.

jessie on the phone.


jessie drinking milk. out of the carton. tsk tsk tsk. so unhygienic.

jessie on the phone. AGAIN. with her girlboyfriend, charleschew.

jessie's dog made a guest appearance. i don't know which one this is. the crazy girl has 5. =/


haha. i told you i would kenakan you jessie lessie. =)


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