Friday, October 12, 2007

nights out.

so yesterday was like the last day of finals. after est and all.

me, jia, amanda and wengyee went to the gardens. which was quite cool. except it reminded we alot of klcc. infact, it was very much like klcc. even the layout and stuff. we walked around, had japanese for brunch and walked and walked and walked. =)

i had japanese food like so many times in the past few days. like wednesday night i had it for dinner. and then thursday morning and thursday afternoon. and today melissa wanted sushi too but thank god i talked her out of it. haha.

so after i went home, i FINALLY got to watch grey's anatomy season 4. =D yayayayayyyy.

went to souled out at about 7-ish. melissa, wengyee, me, jessie, charles, azuri. talked, ate, drank. jessie put lime on my face. =/ like seriously. after like people left, jessie azuri and i jumped into jessie's car and went to baskin robbins for ice cream. well they had ice cream. and then mcdonals. haha. went home at about 11. jessie was not sober. hahahaa.

the next this morning i had physio. and then went off to ou. i CAN'T believe wengyee and melissa watched resident evil without me. =( such good friends i have. we ended up watching the seeker: the dark is rising. yes, the two dumb dumbs actually watched two movies in one day. it wasn't bad i guess. very typical though. saw wuiyang, demie and carmen. then demie had to go home so wuiyang and carmen followed us to mph. where melissa bought new moon and eclipse.

like ohmygodddd. i want to READ themmm soooo baaaaaaaad. the hardback twilight i ordered hasn't arrived so i have to wait. =(

anyway. so we went to starbucks for a drink. melissa had to go home. wuiyang went with her for god knows what reason. then wengyee had to go. so me and carmen wandered around. wuiyang called carmen to ask where we were and so we said tropicana life. and then it took like FOREVER for him to get there. i don't know why we bothered. i suspect he got lost. and by the time he got there carmen had to go. so we walked her down. saw max and jin and some other person. also saw buns, sam and two other people. i can't believe i was seen walking around with eewuiyang. =/ hahaha.

anyway, so after carmen was gone. i was subjected to walking around for another 10 or so minutes with looooseerrr wuiyang. =) he like almost walked into a pillar. hahaha. told you he was a loser. my mother called and so i had to leave. and loser said he was going to join buns and sam and company at waffle world. then we said goodbye and left our separate ways. well i was going to the escalator and then he walked in the other direction when he stopped and started following me. and i was like why're you following me? and then he said i'm going to the escalator. when we reached the escalators, he went down and i went up. and when i reached the upper floor i see waffle world which is actually upstairs not down. hahahaha. stupid wuiyang. it was actually quite a funny moment.

now i'm home. blogging. and WAITING for episode 4 of gossipgirl to finish downloading. arghhh. i wish it would hurry upppp.


54.8% 100%

it's done! =) watched it already. ohmygod. waiting for the next episode is going to be so. arghh. nextwednesday.nextwednesday. well thursday for us since we have to be so many god damn hours ahead of the states. sigh.


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