Monday, May 28, 2007

we left with a splash.

sooooo. we went sunway lagoon yesterday for another yet galileo outing. was pretty much okay, but i figure we have to change our hangout now. 44.90 is not the price to play for rundown rides with anticlimaxes.

so a bunch of us went. trixie; puiyi; aleena; minyan; tjen; richard; jon; shum; leon; ian ex galielo people that is. well tjen was pretty much part of the family since she's leon's sister and all that. well whateverrr.

we pretty much just rode the rollercoasters over and over and over and over and OVER again. and somewhat relived our old memories. =D and then bathed in children pee. =/ okay fine. i insist that the water at the wetpark is infused with urea and salt of children. whatever. so when we were like sitting there waiting for the rest i was conducting the spinach strip experiment with puiyi as the spinach strip. results being that the 'solution' is hypertonic.

yes i know. we have no life. sigh. science students.

nooooooooo. pictures won't upload. okay fine. i'll try later. but for now. mehh.


so basically, pictures!

these pictures are not in chronological order. it's been what, 3 years? how am i supposed to remember?

hmmm. i think it was jienyoong, puiyi, junlin and malcolm.

aaand that was right before junlin got sick and threw up. haha.


now that was a loong time ago.

i just think this is a funny picture. haha. really don't know what they're looking at.

ahhh. the good old days.

some illusion thing puiyi and tjen were trying to accomplish.

and finally, a mountain of fries. yes.


so first they wanted to ride the pirates revenge.

minyan, tjen and i chickened out last minute. haha.

hmm. i had a valid reason..

but then right. we were glad we didn't have the guts in the end. =D

illegal picture taken from inside a ride. haha.

tjen looking all gangsta.

puiyi and her sunblock. =D
well i thought it was funny...

the jungle that is malaysia sunway lagoon.

minyan's always doing something in pictures. haha.

it seems as we grow older. pictures of people seem to decrease. hmmm.

and we're done. phew.


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