Thursday, May 31, 2007

tired tired tired day.

i haven't been updating. well. there's not much to update really. i have yet to post the sunway pictures up. i'm too tired to do that right now. so everytime you come just scroll down to that post to see if there's a huge EDIT there. there'll be pictures then. =)

holidays have pretty much been really uneventful. besides the whole puiyi birthday thing. and being worked to the bone by physio. so tiring. that's probably why i feel so tired everytime i come home.

went out today to watch shrek3. funny. saw a couple of people. bumped into sandra and naa' after the movie. discussed aleena's 'issue'. hahahaha. *grin* after that... went to physio. and now i'm back here, slaving my fingers by making them work more by typing. damn i'm tired.

going to cut my hair tomorrow. =)


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