Friday, March 09, 2007

poor lumix.

have you heard? my camera like DIED. for real. screen's all screwed and well.. screwed. can't see anything. arrrrggghhh. i'm going to die. mother is going to kill me. that's right. so that's why i don't have any nice pictures of today's cheerleading. unfortunately. anyway cheerleading was well.. not good. that will be how i'll put it. i don't want to start any controversies by making some statement on a blog. too much politics. nono.

but anyway, if you're reading this blog, you must've watched it anyway, unless you're shien-ny or someone else. i don't know whether she even reads this blogs. after i sliced the lemons and all that.

so what am i to do? after sitting for what seemed hours under scorching sun, you know srikdu sportsdays. that really stupid tradition where we have to sit on the open field offering ourselves to the SunGod to burn. yeah. that one. anyway. we went to curve. we being trixie, aleena, puiyi, wengyee and melissa. saw a couple of people. quite alot of blue house and green. anyway. sat in kennyrogers for lunch. i completely disagree with the food there from now on. chatted abit. about mundane things. and how apparently if you look like somebody, you're meant to be together. geram. walked abit. people started leaving. went to ikea cause mother was there... lalalalalaladummdeedeedummblahdiblahblah. then, call from melissa. emily's birthday thingie at rasta's. so want to go. mother doesn't let.

have to finish theory. exam's on monday. hahahha. why do i bother? tomorrow's a busy day.


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