Tuesday, March 06, 2007


seriously. i am in pain in so many places. cheerleading. bah. even making the poms is hurting my back and bum. from sitting on the floor for too long. otherwise, got kicked in the face a couple of times, godknows what happened to my arm, and wrist, and back. yeah. internal injuries. paaaaaaain.

i have some wild pictures of cheer practice today. one word. hahahahahahahahahahahaha. blue house is definitely the least serious house. and our captain is a monkey. yes you, eryse. haha. not to mention there was a danceoff between riza and johan. that was totally cool. yeah. we have more fun that any of the other houses. wheee. and can anybody tell me what program to download to change MOV files to mp3? don't want to keep depending on shum.

since we're on the topic of dependance. the time when you wish ian was his irresponsible self, he goes and becomes responsible. *sigh* nat, have you printed out the poem? ian's already handed in the previous one. arrgh.

okay. back to pompom making. my poor back.


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