Monday, February 19, 2007

penny for your thoughts?

i'm just going to post here so i can get opinions from others. paramount poem thingie, people. am rather proud of it. if i do say so myself. haha. check it out.

Paradise Lost

This is the tale of two souls,
who both together make one whole.
A boy and a girl,
her, his diamond and him, her pearl.

In the desert of her mind,
where no water she could find;
he was her oasis.
Something, someone she would sorely miss.

Lying in this island's sun,
she knew she would never want to run
away from this lovely paradise;
Nothing better would suffice.

For endless hours she would bask,
hidden behind her lover's mask.
She never thought it wouldn't last,
or even that it would end so fast.

Little birds were all a‘twitter,
a never-ending sea that glittered.
She was there inside his heart
they both hoped they would never part.

In this paradise there was a waterfall,
and a bright blue sky above it all.
Never a rain cloud there was in sight
all there was, was warm sunlight.

One faithful morning the sun was gone,
and she was left alone to mourn.
Death had took her lover away,
a single gunshot that month of May.

A bleak, black darkness she was left with,
she kept telling herself it was only a myth.
Her friends and family shook their heads,
for she would not leave his deathbed.

She wouldn't believe he was gone forever,
"He wasn't dead. No! Never!"
Her mistakes were the just cause,
she couldn't run away from the law.

She never thought that it would cost,
her beautiful loving paradise; lost.
She knew that it was all her fault,
so she took her life without a doubt.

A truly sad and tragic tale,
that ended in an agonizing wail
of pain, remorse, regret and sorrow.
For her there would be no tomorrow.


so, what do you think? i just love writing about death.


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