Sunday, February 25, 2007


well saturdays are always busy days. today more so because of ian's open house thing. well got there late. like after french. with wengyee and wengyan. and it was raining. joy oh joy. ate, watched lion dance-which mind you, was really, really loud, then went up to gamble. for a while. i got a few pictures for moral project thing. i'll post them. soon. when i upload them. i will. promise.

anyway, blackjack, in between, learned how to play cow. haha. and then chotaiti. i swear, i never knew that you couldn't end with a ti. call me a sore loser or whatever. i'm just a teensy bit peeved. rawrrr.

i am bloody hungry right now and i can't sleep. so that's why i'm blogging. yeah well. have tons; truckloads of unfinished work. due monday. so screwed. arrrghh. and i can't bring myself to do it. lazy lots.


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