Wednesday, December 17, 2008


long days, these past few. :)


went out with the ORGINAL CREW. ;)
(me, puiyi, wengyee, shan & melissa.)
watched BOLT in 3D.
sooo cute.
nice movie.


went out with the ex-galileo fools. :P
as usual, our class outings hardly ever consist of more than a third of the whole class. but it was good to bond. haha.
watched the day the earth stood still.
ugh. i thought it was soooo boring.
omg. and the cinema was sooo coldddd.
hahaha. nabil. :P
(well, we have sworn not to blog about it. so yeah. poo.)

wednesday. (today!)

went to school. omg it's like the last time i'm ever seeing the place.
scriptwriting/lyrics for dreamgirls the musical (next year's performance&awards night performance.)
managed to do three songs.
quite productive, given we have lucas and faez on the damn team. :P
then popped over to ou because me and the chan were positively starving.
went for dinner with melissa and her mother.
we went to a latin class! :O
hahaha. it was fun, with andrew, his sister, emily and melissa's mother.
aaandd. i'm home. :)

ahhh. funny stuff, this week so far.
omg. i am leaving sooo fast! D:

book your time with me, i want to see more people before i leave!


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