Monday, April 09, 2007

reliving childhood.

this post was meant to be posted ages ago.

jason just reminded me that i was supposed to upload photos from that galileo outing where we were supposed to eat fondue, but due to bad planning... *cough**cough* we ended up eating korean. it wasn't bad. but everyone really wanted fondue. haha. anyway walked around hartamas.. annoyed people at starbucks with loud laughing and comments. and weirded out people at mcdonalds when jon sexually harassed poor ronald mcdonald. went to jons apartment playground. and there's this really hilarious video of everybody walking on the reflexology stones. but i still can't upload videos in mov format.

i'll let the pictures talk.

aleeeena. ameeeeelia.

puuuuuiyiii. aleeeena.

haha. aleena malu gila.

these are the few i edited. okay fine two. but still.

reliving the days when there were black and white photos and playgrounds were still so cool.

hahaha. it's surprising the slide didn't break.

now that's done with. i can have my peace. oh and bye jason. who is leaving for australia. one among the many of them who have decided to leave us.


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